Our Services

WGS proudly provide landscape maintenance, tree planting, arboriculture services, landscape construction and cleaning services to public, commercial and private sites right across greater Sydney.

Landscape Maintenance

We’re proud to provide regular and ongoing landscape maintenance including lawn care, tree care, cleaning, pruning and much more, caring for your property as if it were our own.  At WGS, we also have the right equipment to care for your property, including fire mitigation & prevention, and general vegetation management, with a Fecon Mulcher, and Digga Flail Mower enabling us to maintain steep and hard to access sites. Led by our experienced project management team, we’re proud to collaborate across departments and teams to deliver consistently high quality work. Our operations team will ensure your property always looks its best, adding value to owners, residents and guests all year round.

Tree Planting

WGS are keen supporters of trees in our landscapes. We take pride in supporting local councils and communities as they embark on tree planting initiatives to enhance the tree canopy in Sydney. Our involvement in numerous Council tree planting projects including the 3K trees initiative with Sutherland Shire Council and Plant Ark’s National Tree Day reflects our commitment to a methodical and results oriented approach. As well as planting the trees, we spend a lot of time focusing on their maintenance, as through proper watering, these trees will become assets for our clients for years to come. Our services go beyond tree planting; we actively select native species tailored to each location, ensuring they fulfil their role in urban landscape enhancement.

Arboriculture Services

At WGS our Arborists are highly experienced, professional, licenced and fully insured. We work closely with Councils to obtain necessary approvals to identify and remove or prune unhealthy, damaged or damaging trees & branches and remove them from your property. Our machinery enables us to provide slashing, pro coring and log splitting in a highly efficient way and we also have sieve buckets and flip screen attachments for our Fecon mulcher for soil recycling and mulching. WGS understands the best trees for your area and can develop a long-term plan for new or replacement trees to ensure they add value to your property, maximise light and shade, provide a green space for residents and offset carbon emissions.

Landscape Construction

Our experienced, professional team will design and build Landscaping solutions designed for your space and tailored to your needs. From paving to planting, pergolas to fences, seating, pool areas and water features, our qualified and licenced construction and landscaping professionals can create a landscape that brings your vision to life. Whether it’s a resident’s courtyard, public play area or multi-use space, we’ll create a landscape that is highly functional, aesthetically pleasing and adds value to your property for many years to come.

Cleaning Services

Our care for property extends beyond Landscaping and Gardens to providing quality Cleaning Services for common areas, town centres, as well as for shared & community housing. Our professional Cleaning Teams are well presented in WGS uniforms, are fully trained, Covid-safe and work to a consistently high standard across each of the sites we care for. We understand how important it is for spaces to be clean, hygienic and well presented and we can provide emergency cleans as well as regular, maintenance cleans.

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