Environmental, Social, Governance

WGS is deeply committed to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and has been dedicated to their implementation for many years. Our active participation in local community initiatives reflects our firm commitment to making a positive impact, including;


  1. 5 million trees in Greater Sydney scheme
  2. Utilising battery-powered equipment for sustainability
  3. Supporting Indigenous education and employment
  4. Contributing to a circular economy by collecting, recycling, and reusing landscaping products
  5. Harnessing solar power and adopting bore water usage for eco-friendly operations

Our ESG Commitments & Targets

To continually raise the bar and strengthen our enduring partnerships, WGS has set rigorous ESG targets, demonstrating our unwavering organisational commitment to sustainability. For a comprehensive overview of these targets, please get in touch with us for access to WGS’ detailed ESG policy.