Corporate Properties

WGS creates and maintains landscape solutions to maximise that first impression for clients, create functional and beautiful green spaces to boost productivity and mental health for their employees and to add value to property.

Our Corporate clients include: ABB, Dulux, Fujitsu, Bega, Scania, Solvey, Suez, Veolia, Yates conducting monthly maintenance, as well as landscape construction and tree work as required.

At Waratah, we look for efficient solutions to produce cost-effective outcomes for our clients, and we have a strong focus on building strong, long-term relationships with all stakeholders. We work hard to be efficient, friendly and reliable. Above all, we take pride in caring for your property – and that’s the secret to our success.

We’re proud to have worked continuously for several commercial brands and have been providing the following support for going on 10 years.

Landscape Maintenance

Caring for professional gardens; mowing large areas of turf; pruning, hedging and trimming to maintain landscaping and gardens to a consistently high standard all year round.

Landscape Construction

Ensuring that landscaped areas always look their best by upgrading and refreshing paving, fencing, pergolas and seating so that spaces are at their best for management, employees and visitors.

Arboriculture Services

We work pro-actively with our corporate clients to assess their existing trees to ensure they’re safe & healthy, work with clients to understand the best trees for their property and also support them in emergency situations to manage damage from storms or extreme weather conditions.

Our Corporate Clients